Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Native Indian Name For White Paw

the cruelest month we're reading ... "NEMESIS" PHILIP ROTH

takes time and that of Philip Roth as one of the key scriptures to understand where you're going in the U.S. literature. A moral voice, which recreates a time and again that universe so particular and so common at the time of the paradise of childhood, a childhood in this case spent in the Jewish community of Newark. A child and a mythical landscape which serve to rewrite history to explore these concepts back to help us return to the great questions of our own identity.

Indeed, Nemesis Roth speaks of freedom and its consequences, the weight of our choices, the weight of guilt, real or imagined, and the need for punishment and redemption, the fate and dashed hopes. Throughout the text where we feel the steady beat of Plague Camus, albeit from a cultural and spiritual imagination quite different.

is not the plague, but polio. A polio epidemic that invaded New Jersey and hits in the final months of World War II to children in the Jewish community in Newark with unusual harshness. An epidemic, of course, who lives in time with the death of President Roosevelt.

privileged witness is a young athlete, committed and full of force that prevented the enlistment of a health problem peqeuño is delivered to the address of a sports program for urban children in the community. A position from which will be a privileged observer of the first infection and its extent, social panic and the need to explain why the ordeal, going into an ocean of questions that will ultimately lead to a crisis of faith associated to the eternal question "Where is God, how much suffering and consent to so much death?".

Roth tells the story without avoiding the depth of the characters and their questions remain unanswered. With simple language and essential, sometimes abrupt, with which we can go from normal to pastoral killer disease. No unnecessary words, no recreation or as decorative or crime news, taking the dialogue with an intelligent reader can make sense of the space in silence.

A classic and efficient structure we divide the text into three parts. A first in which we count the loss of happiness, the discovery of evil, the arrival of polio Newark. And the first decisions that will determine the youth's life and determine the steps leading to a fatality that is constructed with inexorable master. A second chapter in which we propose a short break filled with sweetness, tenderness, eroticism, a bit of deception that will soon be broken as well. And a resounding end, Homer, bleak and open. A few pages that give meaning to the foregoing and despite a necessary nod to a somewhat empty hope and without answers, the voice of one of the boys who fell ill at the beginning and managed to survive, is able to break and depths in the bowels of a dark shadow.


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